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I have been attending Jo's Pilates classes for a few years now and the benefits are immeasurable. My back has strengthened hugely and it is many years since I have needed to visit Chiropractors or Physios or have any pain management and this is a direct result of my weekly Pilates classes and my new posture as a result. With Jo being a fully trained physiotherapist I feel a confidence in her instructions which are always very clear and precise. The classes are always friendly and focussed and I look forward to each one.

Gill (Grenoside)

I have been coming to classes with Jo for 7 years and feel it is keeping me strong and supple. I highly recommend Pilates.

Andrea (Worrall)

I have been coming to Jo’s Pilates classes for nearly 6 years and I love it.

The class size is not too big so it makes it manageable for Jo and relaxing for me.

I’ve always enjoyed exercising I like the whole concept of Pilates – gentle movement, stretching, deep breathing, improved core stability, muscle tone, better posture and this helps reduce the pressure on my joints – important at my age –complete work out on a mat. Wished I had started it years ago.

Mags (Worrall)

I would thoroughly recommend Jo's classes. There is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The exercises are clearly explained and you are always encouraged to work at your own level. I have had problems with my knee and my back, Jo has taken this into account and alternative exercises are given when necessary. I have noticed improvements in my mobility and reduction in back pain.

Maybe the best recommendation I can give is that I miss the class when I can't go!!

Chris (Worrall)

Thursday evening comes around and I’m feeling shattered, wondering “do I really have to go to my Pilates class?” One hour later I am energised and feeling like a new woman. Thanks Jo.

Jeannie (Grenoside)

I joined the North Sheffield Pilates class in 2008 and I can’t imagine life without it now! As part of the introduction Jo told the class the exercises would improve our balance and posture, but maybe more than that I now have a greater awareness of different muscles and how they work to keep me strong and flexible. I am absolutely convinced I have a flatter tummy now than before I had my children – and that was 35 years ago!!! Jo’s classes are structured and delivered with clarity and authority. I love the way she describes each exercise, explaining which muscles we should be using for it, how we should be breathing during the exercise, and she keeps an eye on each one of us to make sure we are doing it right! Pilates has been incredibly beneficial for me, my posture and balance are greatly improved and I really enjoy meeting up with all the class each week, I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you so much Jo.

Audrey (Grenoside)

I joined Jo’s pilates class in 2009 and have been attending weekly since then. I can’t recommend the classes highly enough. I had tried a number of pilates classes at various venues but didn’t return, mainly because I was concerned that they didn’t focus enough on doing the exercises correctly. Jo is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist and this makes all the difference. My physio bill would be much higher without pilates and I hate to miss it!

Julie (Grenoside)

I would highly recommend Jo’s Pilates classes as a basis to changing your approach to life.

I started to attend the classes after 10 months of excruciating pain from sciatica and following an assessment from a NHS consultant.

Jo’s classes have helped me stay positive about life and generally pain free for six years.

Although I have a 30 miles round trip to the class, the Pilates classes have become important in many aspects of my life as I feel they will help me in the aim to remain active, supple and pain free throughout the coming years.

Mike (Grenoside)

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