We offer Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Mixed Ability Pilates as well as a new Cardio Pilates class which will help improve fitness as well as core strength.

Flex Pilates has the great benefit of delivering Pilates classes by fully qualified Physiotherapists. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 to ensure clients receive close tuition during the class allowing them to exercise effectively and safely. We believe this sets us aside from the gym-based classes where larger groups are often taught and there is less individualised teaching. With Physiotherapists teaching the classes it means that anyone with specific injuries or pathology needs will receive expert care and attention relating to their concerns.

All clients must attend a 1:1 half hour session prior to joining the larger groups.


Monday - 10.00-10.55 - Mixed Ability Class

Monday - 11.00-11.55 - Mixed Ability Class

Monday - 18.00-18.55 - Intermediate Pilates Class

Monday - 19.00-19.55 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Monday - 20.00-20.55 - Beginners Pilates Class

Tuesday - 09.30-10.25 - Advanced Mat Pilates Class

Tuesday - 10.30-11.25 - Intermediate Pilates Class

Tuesday - 18.00-18.55 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Tuesday - 19.00-19.55 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Tuesday - 20.00-20.55 - Beginners Pilates Class

Wednesday - 09.30-10.25 - Over 50's Pilates Class

Wednesday - 10.45-11.40 - Postnatal Pilates Class

Wednesday - 17.30-18.25 - Prenatal Pilates Class

Wednesday - 18.30-19.25 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Wednesday - 19.30-20.25 - Cardio Pilates Class (Intermediate)

Thursday - 10.00-10.55 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Thursday - 17.30-18.25 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Thursday - 18.30-19.25 - Advanced Mat Pilates Class 

Thursday - 19.30-10.25 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Friday - 10.00-11.00 - Yoga Class

Saturday - 08.30-09.25 - Cardio Pilates Class (Intermediate)

Saturday - 09.30-10.25 - Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Sunday - 17.00-18.00 - Yoga Class


30 minute Introductory 1:1 (Complimentary session)

All clients must attend this 1:1 prior to joining the larger groups

1:1 session - (55 mins) - £50

2:1 session - (bring a friend - 55 mins) - £35/pp

321-323 Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 1TH

If you would like to make an appointment or find out more, please don't hesitate to call 0114 4539669 or email on

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321-323 Middlewood Road,

Hillsborough, Sheffield,

S6 1TH

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